9 hidden gems at Newbie Website Design

Blogs have a lot of posts — A LOT of them — and Newbie Website Design is no different. Unfortunately, most people don’t have the time to go back through the pages and pages of older posts looking for the “hidden gems” of great advice or even writing genius. ;) To help those with limited time to hunt for the good stuff, I’ve gone through the past posts and hand-picked some of the most popular from times gone by. Enjoy!

Internet forum behavior
A short and funny video about how to behave on an Internet forum.

Create a strong, secure password
Learn the right way to create an extremely hard-to-crack password.

Technology for country folk
A humorous look at some common techno-lingo.

4 Classic navigation positions
Learn about the 4 classic navigation positions as well as how to choose which is best for your website.

A quick look at why beginners to website design should avoid using visual WYSIWYG editors.

Learning from “Your Logo Makes Me Barf”
Learn what not to do when designing your logo with some “slap-your-forehead” examples.

Make My Logo BIGGER Cream!
A humorous video that pokes fun at bad graphic design plus a few lessons you can pull from it.

Boxes – the building blocks of websites
A visual guide to help you uncover just where the invisible boxes of a website’s design are located.

Cleaning up an all-centered website
Find out how to fix the most common mistake made by beginners to website design.

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