Screencast #1: Intro to Photoshop Layers

Intro to Photoshop layersI can’t believe it — my very first screencast! In this first installment of (what I hope to be many) screencasts, I’m going to show you the basic concepts behind layers in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements (the little brother to Photoshop.)

Just to let you know, this is “Reality Screencasting” — which means it is completely unscripted. You’ll see my little mistakes, my periodic goofs, and hear the word “Ummm…” at least a thousand times. I did this for two reasons: 1) to let you see the real work flow when using Photoshop, and 2) I’m just too lazy to do multiple takes and then edit them together. ;)

You won’t see any award-winning graphic designs in this screencast (I’ll save those for later) but you will learn exactly what you need to get started using Photoshop.

Without further ado, here it is!

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10 Responses:

  1. Karen

    Great first video! Thx!

  2. Paul

    I got Photoshop Elements free with my new digital camera. I thought it was just some “lite” version that lacked all the good stuff. But now I think I’m going to install it! :)

    Thanks for the vid!

  3. George

    Not bad at all for your first screencast. A little talkative during the first five minutes or so, but I guess that’s better than including it in your post for us to read. ;) (I’m lazy too!)

    Good job!

  4. Noah

    Great video!

    I like the new little stick figure men in the sidebar!


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  6. Zhen

    Thank you, I really liked this video, it was very helpful to a newbie like me. However, 14 minutes into the video you start cleaning up edges, and I can’t figure out how you’re doing it. I noticed that the error box mentioned something about “nudge”-ing, but when I searched CS3′s help for “nudge” I couldn’t find anything that seemed to describe what you were doing. Sorry, this is probably something really simple, but I am also very new to Photoshop.

  7. David R - Admin

    First I’d like to thank everyone for your comments and e-mails! It’s appreciation like this that encourages me to write even more posts and especially to make even more screencasts!

    The technique I use to “nudge” things around in Photoshop is simple to do, but maybe not to obvious to newbie Photoshop users (it’s something I learned through trial-and-error.)

    Here’s what I’m doing:
    If you want to simply move things around in Photoshop, hold down the ‘command’ key on a Mac (the key with the ‘apple’ on it) or ‘control’ if you’re on Windows. With this key held down you can then use the arrows keys on your keyboard to ‘nudge’ the image in a layer 1 pixel in any direction.

    If 1 pixel is too slow, hold down the ‘shift’ key as well as the above mentioned key and now you can move things 5 pixels at a time.

    If you use the marquee tool (the tool that looks like a box made of dotted lines) and select only part of an image, then only that part will move around — often cutting your image at the selection point.

    Finally, if you hold down ‘command’ (Mac) or ‘control’ (Windows) AND the ‘option’ key, then you can copy 1 pixel of your selection by using the arrow keys (this is what I was doing in the video.)

    Taking it one step further, hold down the ‘shift’ as well and you can copy 5 pixels at a time.

    I hope this helps!

  8. Michael F.

    Wow. This is exactly the type of thing I need explained to me. I’m a tech-savvy guy, but I’ve never pursued any education in Photoshop, and so it’s always been a bit inaccessible (the whole layers thing always confused me). This helps ALOT.

  9. David R - Admin

    You’re welcome! :)


    @Michael, the little stick men are now gone with the new design. I liked them too. But with change new and even more exciting things are possible!

  10. geetanjali

    I read all of ur articles . All of them were very easily to understand especially the html and CSS one, Can u please clarifly about the grids also in details , the actuall size and use of them . The Gestalt law is fine but how it is usable in the design.

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