What is Lorem Ipsum? Why use it?

What is Lorem Ipsum?Can you read this:

“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, neque velit suspendisse nunc mattis, eu duis vel viverra tortor, a massa feugiat, felis volutpat ut ultrices sit ante tincidunt. Amet fermentum, etiam lacus neque nonummy est mauris, urna nunc sagittis.”

You can’t? Good! Neither can I. And neither can 99.999% (approximately) of the people on this planet.

That’s the whole point of Lorem Ipsum — meaningless, jibberish text that can’t be read or understood and yet can flow naturally in a design layout. It’s actually one of those little-known design tools that is very important to the design process.

Let’s learn more about Lorem Ipsum and how to use it.

What is Lorem Ipsum?

Printers and designers for many years have used Lorem Ipsum when laying out the foundations of a new design project. It’s a form of the old (and almost never studied) Latin language. What does it mean? Who knows. Who created it? Who knows. (Who is John Galt?) But the history of Lorem Ipsum isn’t as important as why it is used and why it’s better than readable text.

Why use Lorem Ipsum?

It is commonly known that readable text is often a distraction to the design process. Instead of looking at the layout to find the problems or weak spots, people will unconsciously focus on the words. This is why designers use Lorem Ipsum when first laying out a project. It allows them to focus on the positioning, spacing, color, and other stylistic elements.

Why is it better than readable text?

Before I learned about Lorem Ipsum, I used to use my own filler text: “This is meaningless text. It should be ignored and disregarded.” I would copy and paste it multiple times to fill out paragraph sections. But there are two main problems with using this kind of readable text.

The first was mentioned above: it’s readable. I found it to be a distraction when I saw it repeated over and over again. The second has to do with the flow of natural text. When a sentence is used repeatedly in a block of text it can create vertical or diagonal lines that add a new and unwanted element to the design. Take a look and the image below. Can you see the lines? (Click to enlarge)


Now look at it using Lorem Ipsum:


Can you see the difference? The Lorem Ipsum example flows more like real text should flow and yet cannot be read. That makes it easier to concentrate on the layout of the design.

Where can I get some Lorem Ipsum?

Right here! I have included four paragraphs of Lorem Ipsum text below. Just select it, then copy and paste it into a blank text document so you can use it in the future.

Lorem Ipsum

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, neque velit suspendisse nunc mattis, eu duis vel viverra tortor, a massa feugiat, felis volutpat ut ultrices sit ante tincidunt. Amet fermentum, etiam lacus neque nonummy est mauris, urna nunc sagittis tempus suscipit tincidunt vitae, volutpat maecenas eros nulla, dui in. Per volutpat, nec vestibulum feugiat, est sagittis senectus suscipit nunc tellus porttitor, nibh habitasse nam mauris nec eget quam, bibendum id. Et eros cursus pede justo, tempus donec condimentum lacus ut pede fermentum, donec magnis leo metus mauris nulla convallis, eros consectetuer nibh urna id. Sed risus nulla, ut ante, gravida vestibulum ligula purus, ac sociosqu dui ullamcorper ipsum quam velit.

Malesuada sed phasellus felis nulla, urna urna aenean lacus lorem scelerisque, erat et fusce, viverra non qui vehicula. Nunc massa montes, lectus nullam dapibus curabitur, turpis amet fringilla erat tempus ornare. Mattis fringilla ligula aenean mi faucibus, sodales felis massa enim vivamus consectetuer. Massa erat morbi a, etiam mollis, urna posuere laoreet consectetuer sodales, in sapien arcu facilisis arcu nibh, dui sit justo. Integer nostra porta tincidunt, ut lorem non libero, dolore assumenda est dolor. Magnis nostra, ac metus augue orci suscipit mauris. Nam accumsan, risus sit nibh sit lorem sollicitudin, a wisi tempus sociis mi ipsum est. Pellentesque netus, est id. Velit libero, senectus metus ultrices justo suscipit. Sunt amet volutpat lacinia imperdiet facilisis quisque. Sed tincidunt, adipiscing blandit.

Nullam dui duis dolorum quam, non diam veritatis nam enim, augue erat eleifend erat ut lorem integer, nec suspendisse lacinia. Donec urna orci eu odio lobortis libero, suspendisse vel, vehicula eget eget orci, a et vel mollis eget maecenas libero, nulla ullamcorper nec lectus in. Pellentesque sapien donec at volutpat at, massa mi urna justo, amet nec purus consequat, tellus sodales ut lacus. Arcu eu sed, quam pulvinar libero faucibus tempus, cras nunc, curabitur diam et magna ut euismod. Vulputate natoque pharetra aenean potenti, duis id, nunc auctor in. Fusce amet ut, vitae mollis justo laoreet lectus, morbi magna ac duis in erat, pede ullamcorper in dui phasellus, feugiat tortor suspendisse ipsum a enim voluptatum. Vestibulum ut mauris elit, sapien vivamus mauris aenean risus suspendisse, quisque enim aenean risus curabitur dui. Sit metus corporis a, a diam porta erat faucibus tellus. Nostra blandit nibh nunc massa quam sit. Eget pharetra.

Ligula convallis ut risus, ante tellus tellus neque turpis venenatis erat. Curabitur ornare suspendisse praesent, suspendisse ipsum lorem eget. Est orci, ut duis leo risus per duis torquent, purus lorem vitae pellentesque, mi ipsum dui integer suspendisse amet. Amet purus, ac lectus amet, curabitur quis deserunt vehicula vitae mauris, cursus ut risus euismod, duis vehicula ac proin suspendisse in arcu. Elit pharetra placerat aptent nam, justo pellentesque rutrum varius tortor quis libero, lectus venenatis vulputate. Pede pede fermentum. Ligula cubilia velit, malesuada non facilisi nec. Posuere fermentum adipiscing suspendisse vestibulum, ante bibendum, odio ut molestie. Cursus nullam egestas lacinia et magna urna, mollis elementum ut mauris. Aliquam accumsan. Duis semper in, quam odio venenatis ornare incidunt. Duis sollicitudin est vel proin condimentum justo, suspendisse quis sed mattis vel lobortis, proident consectetuer et suspendisse, ipsum ut ut, neque id vivamus arcu amet gravida non.

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